Health Survey

The Health Survey aims to map the health and character of the Saint Bernard.
As a breed club, a dynamic breeding policy can be developed based on the results of a continuous survey.
The personal data is stored in a database on a server of the web host. Your personal data will NOT be used for commercial purposes and will not be passed on to third parties without your permission.

The information collected about the dogs, not your personal data, can be passed on to third parties if they can benefit the goals of the breed club (cf. Health and character improvement).
There is no limit on the time that the data of the dogs are stored because of their statistical value.
Everybody can consult, change or supply his / her entered data at any time.
If you wish to have your personal data removed from the database, this is possible and the data of your dog (s) will be made anonymous.

Your personal data is necessary to test a completed survey whether it has been entered by the officially registered owner at Dog-ID (chip number database). Also to confirm the entered data by e-mail and to make changes and additions possible.

The confidentiality of the entered data is guaranteed. Only the IT manager (s) of the breed club have direct access to the database for maintenance and development purposes. The board of the breed club can consult reports and statistics without viewing your personal details.